In the spring of 2010 and winter of 2011, I volunteered my time through MoPOEd (Mobile Pediatric Orthopedic Education) at the Children’s Surgical Center Hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  MoPEd is a non-profit program designed to educate local surgeons in developing countries in Cambodia, Mozambique and Armenia.  Each two week mission consisted of teaching local surgeons on how to evaluate, diagnose and plan the best treatment for children with often severe, neglected orthopedic conditions. 

Cambodia is a nation of 15 million wonderful people who live with very limited resources and no health insurance. Children with non-urgent medical conditions go without care, living with pain and deformity. There are no specialty trained pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the entire country. I taught and performed dozens of varied and complex cases utilizing the limited resources and support on site. Virtually all of the patients encountered were medically neglected and malnourished, making each case a challenge. The main goal is sustainability of medical care, teaching dedicated local surgeons to operate within their means.  I look forward to returning to Cambodia to continue to help teach local surgeons and allied caregivers how to take the best care of children with musculoskeletal conditions.

I look forward to helping in other under-serviced areas in the developing world in the future.  
...It’s time to give back.
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I wish to thank the following companies and their generous donations for my two trips to Cambodia (total estimated value donated over $100,000):

-  Lifenet
-  Zimmer Spine
-  AmeriCares
-  Biomet Spine
-  Active Diagnostics (spinal cord monitoring)

Las Vegas Donors
-  Orthopedic Motion
-  Sunrise, Valley, and St. Rose Hospitals
-  Institute of Orthopedic Surgery
-  Desert Surgical

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