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DESERT COMPANION - August, 2011:
My daughter Tianna was diagnosed with Scoliosis and Kyphosis 5 years ago. She had been seeing another doctor and wearing a back brace he had given her for about a year before we met with Dr. Barry. Dr. Barry was a lot more welcoming and honest with us. He gave us more answers and made the whole process easier. Dr. Barry kept her in a brace for four more years, before coming to the conclusion that surgery was inevitable.

My daughter was very anxious to have the surgery while I myself was very scared and skeptical. Tianna was willing to do just about anything to not only to relieve the back and neck pain but also to change her physical appearance. She would have bouts of crying daily not only from the pain but also due to the fact that she wasn't comfortable wearing any normal clothing. It was a daily struggle to find clothes that would fit over the back brace. It was very hard to see my daughter go through this. Tianna was not only a mess emotionally and physically, but socially as well. The every day emotional stress was just wearing on Tianna. 

During the surgery I was a nervous wreck. Dr. Barry was aware of how scared I was and made sure a nurse came out to the waiting room every hour to inform me of how everything was going. I was very relived to hear how my daughter was doing and I was grateful that Dr. Barry was being so considerate. Right after the surgery was finished Dr. Barry greeted me and told me how perfect everything had gone. The recovery process was very difficult but knowing that I could call Dr. Barry at any time for help, was very reassuring. 

The decision to have the surgery was probably the hardest decision we had to make, but it was the BEST decision we have ever made. It has had such a positive impact on Tianna. Her attitude and personality have improved tremendously. She is wearing the beautiful clothes that she wants and a smile on her face. She has NO physical constraints and the best part of it all is that she is pain FREE. 

Tianna looks and feels beautiful inside and out. Dr. Barry, words cannot describe how truly thankful we are for all you have done!

Jeri and Tianna T
My daughter Alexis was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer in the knee) at the age of 14. She was in a lot of pain and limping. I took her too her physician and they did an x-ray. They called me and said "it does not look good". We were referred to Dr. Barry, we met with him and her biopsy was scheduled. She got the biopsy and they came back and said it was bone cancer. Two Onocoloy doctors said Alexis would have to have her leg amputated. Dr. Barry said I can save her leg. Alexis went in for her big surgery in September 2007. We are thankful for Dr. Barry. What a tremendous surgery he did! He is very caring and excellent doctor. He knew how scared we were.

The surgery was supposed to take longer that day and we waited in the waiting room so nervous and impatient. Dr. Barry came out earlier than what was expected, telling the family that everything went well. I would refer anybody to Dr. Barry. He is an amazing doctor! He saved my daughters life and leg. Without Dr. Barry, I don't know where Alexis would be today. I'm very thankful he was in Las Vegas at the time when she was going through this difficult time.

Alexis is doing great now. She is 18 years old, just graduated and is getting ready to go to college. We can't thank Dr. Barry enough for what he has done for Alexis.

-Alexis M & Family
My son Gerry has played baseball since he was 4 years old. In November of 2009, his shoulder started hurting. We thought that it was just because he was pitching too much and playing baseball year round so we took him to a sports chiropractor. The chiropractor decided to take him off baseball for a couple months and work on strengthening his shoulder muscles. After a month and a half of therapy, Gerry was not getting better. He actually was getting worse, waking up at night with neck and shoulder pain. After an x-ray and an MRI, it was determined that Gerry had a tumor in his C6 vertebrae. His chiropractor as well as the neurosurgeon we met with, both recommended that we take Gerry to see Dr. Barry. To hear a Doctor tell you, "if my son had what your son has, I would take him to Dr. Barry" is key when you are trying to decide where to take your son for treatment. Dr. Barry immediately scheduled Gerry for a biopsy and a week after the results were in, Gerry had his surgery to remove the tumor that had basically completely taken over his C6. Dr. Barry successfully removed his tumor completely and placed screws and bone graph in its place.

Gerry's biggest fear was that he would not be able to play baseball again. Many things could have gone wrong with the surgery that would have greatly affected his head, neck and shoulder movement, just to name a few, but I have to say, Dr. Barry did a wonderful job. Gerry recovered completely from his surgery with no affect on his movements. Today, Gerry is back to playing baseball, now with his high school team. We are so grateful for Dr. Barry, he is an excellent surgeon. Being told that you child has a tumor is very frightening and stressful, Dr. Barry and his staff were great at helping us get through it. We have and will continue to highly recommend him.


-Rosa R
Dr. Barry, in a phrase, “beyond comprehension!” My daughter had a progressive scoliosis and kyphosis. Jacqi couldn’t take two steps running without her being in utter agony. She is an athlete and to not be able to participate in her triathlon feats was horrifying to her. We went and visited Dr. Barry. He is serious about helping children and wanted nothing more than to get Jacqi back in the pool, on her bike, and in her running shoes. It was 3 weeks before her junior year of high school, last year, and the most important year for her academics. Dr. Barry told her she would be back at school on the first day; he was telling the truth. (She never missed a day of school after returning after those 3 weeks.)
Jacqi was in the hospital for 6 extremely trying days. Jacqi looked forward to the visits from Dr. Barry. She loved hearing how well she was progressing from the surgery Dr. Barry pioneered for children with spinal deformity. Dr. Barry spent a great deal of time speaking with Jacqi and answering all of her questions. He was sensitive to her needs and discussed the healing process at length.
Upon our visits to Dr. Barry’s office, post-operatively, he always had a smile on his face for Jacqi. Jacqi always tried to make him laugh to ease the tension she was feeling, it worked; he giggled with her often. It made our time with him more valuable and less tense. In typical Jacqi fashion, she kept asking Dr. Barry when she could at least go back in the water to get some exercise. The answer was consistent, at 5 months. When Jacqi continued to ask, Dr. Barry allowed her to go in a bit early, much to his chagrin. When she came back with aches and pains he gently took exercise away. Because she is so driven Dr. Barry needed to explain to her in a way she would understand, that it was imperative to let herself heal before doing something that would injure her spine. She followed doctor’s orders. comprehension
Now, a little over a year later, she participated in her first Olympic length triathlon and came in first place in her 17 year old age group. She loves feeling no pain when exercising and does more than most choose to do at her age. Dr. Barry has even inspired Jacqi to become an Orthopedic Surgeon in the area of Sports Medicine. Thank you Dr. Barry for saving Jacqi’s life, physically and emotionally!

Elizabeth Hammel

When our son was learning to walk, he stumbled and fell. That was the beginning of what would be a 16-year roller coaster ride. Ryan had broken his femur after a very minor fall. Surgery was required along with 8 weeks in a Spica cast. It was Dr. Barry that immediately suspected that Ryan had Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease). He promptly sent off a tissue sample for genetic testing that ultimately confirmed his suspicion. Thanks to Dr. Barry's quick thinking and diagnosis, we were able to avoid future investigations and suspicions of child abuse. After setting more than 20 broken bones, inserting rods and other hardware, Ryan still wasn't done with Dr. Barry. Last summer Ryan was diagnosed with scoliosis and would need spine surgery to insert yet more titanium rods. Despite the added complication of brittle bones, Dr. Barry was able to get Ryan's spine almost perfectly straight! We hadn't dared to hope for such a wonderful outcome. Ryan has gained over two inches in height and is well on the road to a full recovery! Our family has always had complete faith in Dr. Barry's abilities as a surgeon. We have even been told by other surgeons that Dr. Barry is the best and that our son is in excellent hands. We have truly been blessed having Dr. Barry in charge of Ryan's ongoing care.

Shelley K.

My name is Amy Alvarado and I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful job that Dr. Barry did for my grandson, Rory Lyons.  Rory was born with on leg shorter than the other and early on we learned that a later time Rory would need a limb-lengthening procedure in order to prevent future related physical problems and for aesthetic reasons, too.  Dr. Barry monitored Rory's growth and Rory had to wear gradually taller shoe lifts for a number of years.  When Rory turned fourteen it was decided that it was time for the surgeries.  These included the actual bone lengthening procedure as well as a later tendon lengthening.  Although the following days with the at-home protocol were very painful for my grandson Dr. Barry observed the progress and saw to it that pain medication was used properly.  At the earliest possible time pain medication was discontinued for which was I especially grateful.  Check-ups were timely and then the cast came off.  When it was obvious that the bone needed a bit of help to finish the healing process Dr. Barry's fantastic nurse, Nicky, made sure we got a bone stimulator even though we did not have the resources ourselves to acquire one on our own.  That did the trick and before you know it the crutches were gone.  Rory is now back at public school and can participate in all regular activities including P.E.  I would recommend Dr. Barry and his nurse, Nicky, to anyone who has a child with orthopedic concerns no matter how difficult.  This was a life changing event for Rory and his life will always be the better for it!  

REVIEW-JOURNAL - March 16th, 2009: